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Thanks for stopping by WP PHOTOG – a new blog written by a photographer using WordPress for other photographers using WordPress. My name is Peter Adams. I’ve been a photographer for the last 20 years and have been using WordPress since version 1.5.

I frequently get asked by other photographers how to best utilize WordPress to showcase their photography and last year decided write a book called the Guide To WordPress for PhotographersThe book has now helped over 1,000 photographers learn the “ins and outs” of WordPress and has also spawned a vibrant companion community on Google+.

I’ll be using this blog to share my latest learning and thoughts as the world of WordPress continues to develop.

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Got the book last week. Had a website up in 1/2 a day. People have told me that it looks like a professionally designed website. I would never think of creating a portfolio website without this book. I would have spent month playing around with WordPress. Instead, I can spend these month on something useful like taking pictures and editing them 🙂

Your specialized treatment of WordPress for photographers has been, so far, superb. Thank you for you for what must have been a great effort. The price of your book, to me, was a bargain.

The book is amazing! I was someone who thought that dealing with WordPress is overly complicated, and come to think of it, I write software for a living! At any rate, this book made everything very very simple! The entire process from the very basic aspects such as creating posts with images to putting your photograph’s metadata on overdrive and have a powerful search mechanism – all of it – explained in the easiest possible manner! Its true, because I got it the first time I read it 😉

Great insight on how to use WordPress effectively. I really like your ideas about the taxonomy of your photos. Time to work on my WordPress site a little more and take the blog off the landing page and put the galleries where they belong. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

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